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Unleaded Racing Fuel · Sunoco CFR. SUNOCO CFR is a high-quality, unleaded fuel that conforms · Sunoco Race Fuels. R TC · Sunoco GT Plus. The highest octane. VP was engineered for high-performance street cars including sport compacts, muscle cars, street rods and more. It's environmentally friendly and street. 5 Gallon Pail * Octane * Unleaded * Pickup Only. Torco is a premium unleaded race fuel ideal for late model performance vehicles where 02 sensors are used. Works well in under cubic inch engines. The race track offers these fuels, 1. Cam2 (Purple) Leaded Octane gp-novoorlovsk.ru2 (Clear) Unleaded Octane 3. GTX Unleaded Non-Oxygenated. I was told by a couple of different techs that the high octane fuel can cook your catalytic converter if you use it alot because of the hotter exhaust gas.

Turbocharged motors respond better to higher octane fuels if I recall. It could be worse. The Octane leaded gas I use in my race car is $5 to $/gal! Sorry if this is a stupid question, but what is the highest octane level fuel we can use? I have always used 93 octane in my car but a gas station next to. Buy Klotz Higher Octane Race Gas: Gas Cans RaceGas Race Fuel Concentrate Sunoco GT Octane Unleaded Racing Fuel is a Street-legal.

It is possible for a fuel to have a Research Octane Number (RON) more than , because iso-octane is not the most knock-resistant substance available today. BOOSTane's premium-quality racing fuels provide that high octane and increased performance you've been looking for. Leaded and unleaded available. 76 Competition Racing Gasoline is a high quality unleaded gasoline is a high especially for the performance enthusiast who wants a high octane fuel.

Sunoco GT Octane Unleaded Racing Fuel is a Street-legal, oxygenated Race fuel for performance vehicles. This fuel is sanctioned by: CRA. Color: Not Dyed; Octane (R+M)/2: ; Reseach Octane: ; Motor Octane: 95; Specific Gravity; Weight (lbs/gallon): ; Reid Vapor Pressure (PSI). Fuel Applications For on- and off-road applications where octane unleaded fuel is appropriate, e.g., show room stock, road racing, stock cars.

We'll be running a lot of octane gas in the race car. Early in the race weekend, it may be a mixture of some type (depending on how much 91 is still in the. MOTORSPORT is a VP octane fuel. We design it as a professional-grade, unleaded blend for all forms of motorsports. Moreover, it's a spec fuel for. Race fuel has a much higher octane than pump gas because those engines have higher compression ratios. Most new cars today can run on regular 87 octane because. 91 is the highest regular pump gas that is available, but there are a number of places nearby that have access to octane race fuel. Would a mix of and.

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More than , registered piston-engine aircraft can operate on leaded avgas. The most common and reliable type of avgas is octane Low Lead, also known. In recent years, car manufacturers have been requiring or recommending premium gasoline (a high-octane grade of fuel) for use in more of their vehicle. 2) If you no longer have catalytic converters, blending motor fuel with AvGas will work, but it is stone illegal. 3) I would use Sunoco octane pump gas. Rockett Brand® E Racing Fuel is a street legal octane gasoline designed for on and off-track use in all performance engines with compression ratios. 1) Is it worth it to go up to octane unleaded fuel for my custom tune? 2) Would octane leaded be overkill on this car? Sponsored. Thinking of trying a tank of Sunoco ss octane fuel. Anyone have experience with this or know if its safe? Low Lead, Aviation Fuel "AVGas" is available at most small airports, won't pump into a car but likely will fill your gas cans. Pacific Raceways sells Sunoco Race Fuel. They had octane the last time I was there for about $8/gallon. Reply · Save. I recently found a gas station that sells Octane race gas (un-leaded). After 2 tankfuls I feel like I never want to go back to Will give u octane. if you run % e85 which is not recommended at all.
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